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Do you want to check if your software development is done in best practice?

You have a developer that already started to implement your software, but you can’t track his progress, and when you ask for a running version of it, it is always buggy or not working at all. Do you even know when your application is on version 1.0.0? Maybe you already tried to create software, but in the end, you scraped everything because it wasn’t working. You literally burned money? Did you know that a software developer is not building software for you? Instead, he should create the software for the next developer? I can tell you why and explain to you why it is so important. Do you know if your software has the characteristics of good software? What are must do’s and don’ts your application should have. Maybe you have problems or no time to coordinate your developers.

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Do you have an Idea for a new Software?

But, you don't know where to start?

You have an excellent idea for a new application to solve a problem that you encountered multiple times or maybe you have a great idea to improve an existing web service. However, the software development process is such a vast area, and you don’t know where to start? It is hard for you to communicate the final product to a software developer because you don’t know the best practice of software development. Maybe you ask yourself: What programming language this application should be written in or what frameworks should be used for this application. Did you ask yourself on what platform the end user will interact with your request and what components do you need for bringing your idea to life?

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How it works


1. I would like to
get to know you

First, we have a call together where you and I get to know each other. You tell me more about your project and your motivations behind it. So I understand your current situation and where you want to go!

At the end of this Call, you decide if want my help or not.

2. Consulting Call(s)

After analysing your project I will give you the information to improve your project. I point out what needs to be improved, what needs to be changed and what you need to keep an eye on. I will give you advice and information so you can make your project successful!

3. Custom Guide

Lastly, I will create a guide for you to follow. So your project will be successful and useful. It includes the technologies and tool you should use, things you need to keep in mind and how to find and communicate to a competent software developer.


First Call

On the first Call I will find out what you need for your project or current status is. We get to know each other and see if we can work together to boost your project!


Project analysing

I will analyze your running project for code quality, versioning, building process and much more. After this I will create a document with my recommendations that we will discuss on a call. 

950 $


I will help you find competent software developers who fits your projects need. I make sure that these developers are following best practice methods to develop code.

1650 $*

*Price can change on the volume and size of your project.

Why you should Use this Service!


Save Money

You will save money by understanding what is crucial for your project’s success. Guide your developers to follow the right plan. Avoid that your developers build an unstructured code that doesn’t work at the end.

Save Time

You will be saving time by making the right decisions at the beginning. When you know the data model, requirements and components of your application, you won’t face any changes or problems that cost time while your software is in development.


Gain Clarity

Sharpen your idea by gaining clarity about your software project. Understand the details, process and workflow of your plan to see and understand the progress of your developers. Give better feedback to them so they can work more productive.

Get a higher multiplier when you sell your project!

Find out what you need to command a higher multiple when you sell your project. Know what you need to avoid so new developers can’t take over, and you aren’t 100% dependent on your current developers. If they leave you, your project is basically done. So don’t waste your time building software, you can’t sell down the road because of missing components. I will show you what your developers need to do from the beginning to make your project a success.

About Me

David Kogan

My name is David, I’m 29 years old, and I’m a freelance software developer.

I started my career four years ago in a market research company in Germany. There I learned to be a proper software developer from the ground up. The benefits of not being a self-taught developer are that you learn how to build corporate grade software in an appropriate test-driven environment, not alone but within a team with proper project management. After now one year of being a freelance software developer I noticed that many entrepreneurs have great ideas for applications and many of them already started developing one. However, often they are facing many problems. Because many developers that they hired via Upwork are self-taught, but never learned how to work in a professional environment. Many entrepreneurs whom I talked to already burned through much money because they didn’t have a clear picture of what challenges are involved with their project. To help you to avoid these problems, I offer my broad understanding of technologies and software design and planning to stir you clear of any pitfalls along the way.